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LooMate - automatic toilet seat closer - Buy now!

With LooMate as your automatic, toilet-seat closer, men (and women!) don’t have to worry about the toilet seat being left up.

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LooMate – The Automatic Portable Toilet Seat Closer!

Motion or timer activated toilet seat closing!

How to fit the LooMate to a non-standard seat!

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Motion or timer activated

LooMate is activated to close the toilet lid each time your hand reaches for the flush button/lever on your toilet, and if you forget to flush (or don’t flush at all!), LooMate has a built-in timer to automatically push the seat down after two minutes.

Sensor activates 5 seconds after lifting the toilet seat up


LooMate is powered by 3 x AAA batteries (included). After installing your LooMate, each time you reach for the flush button/lever, the sensor located at the top of LooMate detects your hand movement and triggers the actuating arm lever to push the toilet seat back down.

Easy for anyone, safe for all ages


LooMate is the automatic toilet-seat closer for the person who gets annoyed when the seat is left up… and it’s also for the man who keeps getting into trouble! Buy and install your LooMate and solve an age-old problem with an easy and safe solution.


Standard toilet systems

LooMate conveniently attaches to most standard toilet systems which have an external cistern.  For other types of toilets, you can watch our video to learn about the small adjustments needed, when fitting a LooMate automatic toilet-seat closer.


Can be switched off

LooMate has a tilt switch feature that detects if LooMate is in the horizontal position, if it is, LooMate will automatically switch itself off, so you save on energy when LooMate is removed during a toilet clean.


Little to no sound

LooMate does not emit a noise but the sound from your toilet seat closing will vary depending on the style of the seat. Fitting optional strips of rubber cushioning to the  underside of the seat will effectively dampen the sound your seat would usually make.


LooMate, the mate everyone will appreciate!

LooMate is PROUDLY AUSTRALIAN OWNED and an idea that began with a chance event. LooMate is now a top selling product for the home or workplace!

Actuating arm

Activated by motion sensor or backup timer to push the toilet seat down.

Motion sensor

Discrete motion sensor detects your hand movement when you flush the toilet, triggering the actuating arm.

Backup timer

LooMate is activated after 2 minutes if a hand movement isn’t detected by the motion sensor.

Tilt switch

LooMate automatically powers off when it’s in a horizontal position, saving battery during toilet cleans.

As seen on TV

LooMate - As seen on TV!

Since toilet seats were invented...

… men keep getting into trouble because they forget to put the seat down after use. Buy LooMate to solve the age old toilet seat problem!

LooMate - automatic toilet seat closer. Buy Now!