The LooMate Story

Meet the creators and discover the concept to reality story

The idea

The idea for the LooMate came about by chance due to a broken TOILET SEAT that had been purchased and put into use in the home of the LooMate creators. This damaged toilet was sometimes left up after use but would randomly fall back down… which led to an idea of this unique product:

What if a portable device could be attached to the TOILET LID to push the TOILET SEAT DOWN on ‘command by motion sensor’ or AUTOMATICALLY?

For generations the ‘TOILET SEAT BEING LEFT UP’ in the ‘up position’ has been, and still is, a very well-known issue between the battle of the sexes…!

Therefore it was envisaged that such a product would be highly sought after.

Concept to reality

Before the product was manufactured, LooMate’s creators consulted with a Patent and Trademark Lawyer to commence Patents as well as Trademark Registering of the LooMate product.  After many weeks of deliberation, LooMate’s creators decided on the name ‘LooMate’…., because the product is a ‘Mate’ that sticks by your ‘Loo’.

Next, a list of all the features the LooMate product should include was created, and this is essentially the LooMate ‘concept to reality’ story, of how a simple idea was transformed into a top-selling product for market.

Having completed the portable detachable version (first version of LooMate), LooMate’s creators will be commencing a newer version of the LooMate patented product (Patent No:US 9,044,122 B2). This future version of LooMate will be ‘permanently built into the toilet lid’ – to once and for all eliminate the age-old problem of toilet seats being left up!

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LooMate, The 'MATE' Everyone Appreciates...!

LooMate is PROUDLY AUSTRALIAN OWNED and an idea that began with a chance event. LooMate is now a top selling product for the home or workplace!

Actuating Arm

The ‘Actuating Arm’ is the ‘arm’ in the centre of the LooMate product and is ‘Activated by a Motion Sensor or the Automatic Backup Timer’ that will push the TOILET SEAT down.

Motion Sensor

Discrete Motion Sensor detects your hand movement on your way when you go to flush the toilet paassing your hand over the ‘top motion sensor’, that then triggers the Actuating Arm to move to push the TOILET SEAT DOWN…!

Backup Timer

After 2 minutes, if a hand movement ‘isn’t detected by the motion sensor at the top of your product’ the Actuating Arm will AUTOMATICALLY activate to push the TOILET SEAT down AFTER 2 minutes, from when the TOILET SEAT was raised to lean against the LooMate product/up against the SEAT SENSOR..! It’s as EASY as that….!

Tilt switch

LooMate ‘automatically powers OFF when in a horizontal position’. This saves on  ‘battery power‘ when cleaning or if you want to put the lid down.

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