Centre and side flushing

LooMate attaches to the centre and sides of standard toilets with an external cistern.


Centre flush toilet

Attach LooMate to the centre of your toilet lid so it’s at the 12 o’clock position and in-front of the flush button. Each time your hand passes over the top of LooMate, it will become activated, and push the seat down for you.

LooMate - centre attachment


Side flush toilet

Position LooMate on the left or right side of your toilet lid so that it’s inline with your side flush lever. Each time you reach for the side flush lever, move your hand over the top of LooMate’s motion sensor to activate the seat falling back into the down position.

LooMate - site attachment

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LooMate is available through the LooMate online store for AUD $19.95 inc GST. NZ & USA delivery available.